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Thursday, August 6, 2009


The violations on Karori Farm continue unabated as police refuse to act.

Armed soldiers of the ZNA have still prevented the delivery of any crops from the farm. There is 150 tons of tobacco and 500 tons of maize waiting to be delivered but Mujaji insists that nothing will leave unless Lock agrees to giving him the farm. He has also shut down all operations for the umpteenth time to try and force us to comply. He has already stolen our irrigation pipes and pumps which we cannot access or use and has used the soldiers to prevent any equipment from leaving the farm.
The tobacco season is nearly over and still tobacco has not been delivered for sale nor the maize in a country where maize is desperately short. The Unity Govt seems powerless to act on this lawlessness as the army through sheer force are doing what they want for self enrichment.
What was once a highly productive farm seems will now become another worthless dust bowl.

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