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Friday, November 30, 2012

ADSL Telone email cut offs

ADSL Telone email cut offs

This has effected many users and been most inconvenient and unnecessary. Had we been informed before hand all this upheaval and disruption could have been avoided. We were cut off without notification. They say it was in the Herald newspaper but I have yet to hear of anyone who saw the notification. Is there anyone who can tell me that they knew about this in advance???????????
Does anyone who gets this message know of email addresses who to complain to? If so please let me know. Even Telone workers at Avondale and Borrowdale did not know what was happening on Monday morning 26th Nov. It took many phone calls over three days to eventually find out what was going on. The Telone lines were impossible to get through to, either engaged or if they did ring  no reply. Very frustrating until friends drove to Avondale to find out what was going on. I had no emails in or out from Sunday 25th until Thursday 29th at 3. 45 pm. Please reply to    or   or phone 04  861475 or  0772 240 265

1 comment:

  1. They did publish a notice in the paper around the end of October. We covered it here:

    But I think even that notice wasn't enough. They have the email addresses and mobile numbers of their customers. They could have easily just sent out an email or SMS. They could've even put the notice on their phone and ADSL bills they send out each month.