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Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Scam in Bulawayo,

From: Grecian Art
New Scam in Bulawayo, and I’m sure it’s happening in Harare and elsewhere as well.  There is a group of fraudsters on the loose, and this is their trick, this happened to a Club 50 Members whose business is selling stock feeds here in Bulawayo, so I will use this case as an example for you.

The fraudsters send in one person to legitimately purchase 1 x 50kg bag of starter mash and they pay and get their receipt, they then walk out of the shop with the receipt but without the goods, they go to their vehicle and using a laptop with a battery operated SLIP PRINTER and plug in hand held scanner, they scan the till slip, the scanned slip is then altered on the laptop to read

Quantity 14 and the new price for 14 bags is now entered in the total column as well as at the bottom of the till slip which gives you the SUB TOTAL AND TOTAL AMOUNT,

They then print out this new slip and go back into the shop to the dispatch area to collect their order where they are now given 14 x 50kg bags of Starter Mash, as opposed to one bag which they had paid for.  Unfortunately a member of staff was present when the fraudster paid for one bag of stock feed so at dispatch he raised the alarm when the fraudster announced he is collecting 14 bags, hence the fraudster ran away and no one had time to apprehend and arrest him.

We are approaching a busy time of the year and these criminals will try anything, this is very clever to say the least.

A way to avoid this happening especially if your company is a wholesaler is for the till slips or vat invoices to be printed in duplicate, one copy goes to the customer and the other copy is taken by one of your employees to the dispatch that way your staff have a copy of the proper receipt and there can be no theft.

Please inform your security and checkers as this is very professionally done so much so that the fonts on the till slip are almost identical to the actual till printers font.

If you are fortunate enough to arrest these people please contact your nearest C.I.D. FRAUDS UNIT
Bulawayo C.I.D. FRAUDS 09- 77884 and Harare C.I.D. FRAUDS 04 - 753543

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