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Thursday, November 1, 2012


My name is Psychology Chiwanga and am the Director of Urban Planning Services [DUPS.] in the City of Harare. My responsible portfolios among others are:

a) Town Planning and Development - issuance of development permits and enforcement of same as enshrined in the  Regional, Town and Country planning Act, Chapter 29:12;

b) City Architecture - approval of all building plans to be erected in city's area of jurisdiction and enforcing of the Model Building By-Laws city wide

c) Traffic and Public Transport Planning - design, change, and control of traffic movement in the city and enforcement of "Outdoor Advertising" By-Laws on our roads in the city
d) Environmental Planning and Regulating pollution - trade waste enforcement and EIA Reports evaluation for mitigatory measures to improve the bio-sphere; and

e) Land Survey of property in the city - boundary dispute, GIS/LIS management

If you have any issues relating to above I am at your service sir. (I am your servant on the above named portfolios)

Thank you for you comment on or observation on motorists driving in the wrong direction, I in conjunction with our PR department will continue to educate and communicate with the public at large on changes we are making to bring back our city to its Shine Status and be a pleasant, liveable and safe place to be called 'my home'

We need more citizen participation, ideas to reach our desire goal. Once more thank you for comments and will accordingly forward your email to other directors so they look at their spheres of influence e.g. portholes on the roads you can contact Engineer PM Pfukwa

PC Chiwanga

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