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Friday, November 2, 2012

Forlen lampposts and more

Mr Pfukwa is responsible for things like the Road infrastructure, Lighting on Roads, Pot Holes, Traffic Lights etc. He told me that the best way to report things, for his attention, is to send him an email advising him of the seriousness of the problem. He will then grade them based on the Location. Top priority (Grade A) is a large hole on a Main road or Important Connecting Road like Enterprise Road. He will then allocate staff to deal with it – grade A’s in the next day or two dependent on the number of problems. Please copy emails to me so that I can try and monitor their progress and let us know if and when they are sorted out.

With the onslaught of the rains he is expecting lots of new pot holes reappearing so please be patient with their team and give them thanks as and when due!

I asked Mr Pfukwa if we could have a big effort to sort out lamp posts that have been knocked down and left dormant at all sorts of dangerous locations around town. If you are aware of one please send me an email so that we can have this done in an orderly fashion. The idea is that you will report the dangerous  lamp post to him via myself. Once he has enough of them you will be given a reference number and his staff will incapacitate the lamp post and be available to be on site whilst you remove it in your truck. Not ideal but better than nothing if you have a problem with one

There are other guys in charge of Water (C Zvobgo), Solid Waste(C Chibanga) and Urban Planning(Psychology Chiwanga)that I will give details for shortly
Mike G
PS I am seeing the PRO Supt at PGHQ tomorrow at 2pm to discuss bogus policemen and how one should recognise them / what to do in such instances

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