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Monday, November 19, 2012

Warning from people

I have received over 1050 emails from residents giving us very useful feedback/information, some of it new  and some we had it before. I am putting all this together and will action it  as time goes. Sorry  I cannot respond to each individually email. Thanks to them all. Keep them rolling in
Just chatting to my man servant and a few others in a town office who are older than 45.  I asked them what Christmas used to be like and maybe still is.  They say it is to be with family in the rural areas and have some new clothes to wear. We all think that food hampers are what our domestic staff want but it seems something new to wear on Xmas day is something that makes a Zimbabwe Christmas special.   Presumably some time off to go home and the bus fare to get them there. Just a thought I wanted to pass on.
We went to Kariba last week, there were loads of people cleaning up.  I could not believe the change on the road side and under ‘the trees’ compared to what the road sides looked like a month ago.  A big thank you to all involved. It would be good to now educate the houseboat crews to stop leaving litter along the shoreline.  Loads of plastic things are quite away from the water’s edge now as the lake is dropping so fast.  How can we get boat owners to train their staff to clean up.  Perhaps captains should be reporting to the Lake Captain if they spot boats dropping litter and there should be fines imposed on the boat owners.  The crew would either have jobs or no jobs. Maybe flyers should be given to all guests getting onto house boats.
WARNING. If you are unfortunate to meet a very pretty young girl called Constance she is an Oscar  winning actress and liar.
Having given her money for various projects her latest one was that her baby had a broken leg and was in the Pari and needed
money for xrays etc. having parted once again with a large amount I went into the hospital and needless to say there was no baby
and never was.  I believe she operates in the suburbs and is very convincing that she is desperate,  claims she is from Gokwe or
Bindura areas

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