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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dustbins and Rubbish

A Law was passed in December 2010, that all commercial transport are required to have a dustbin.  Vehicle licence numbers have been followed up through VID and warnings have been given, but with the enormity of the problem any results go unnoticed.   We have been involved in clean up at 4th street where over 200 dustbins have been allocated to commuters.  City of Harare are in the process of getting another 27 vehicles bringing their fleet to 47 to cover the 46 Wards in our City.  Once the City is able to cover waste collections adequately fines will be enforced for littering from a vehicle, illegal dumping and public littering.  Like speeding, unless there is proof or people are caught in the act very difficult to enforce the law without the system being open to abuse. We have been to see the Director of Toll gates at Zinara suggesting “No Dustbin – No Licence, drop off bins at all the Toll Gates to stop the littering along our open Roads, checking vehicles for bins at toll gates, people with black bags collecting vehicle litter at our intersections, all vendors to receive a bag when paying for their license.   Minister Frances Nhema said all Drivers of commercial vehicles “Instructing their Passengers to Throw their litter out will receive a Fine” he has also said…. What education is needed to tell people to throw waste in a bin!  A litterbug campaign has been started by EMA but again the cost to run this on Media, Radio etc. all comes at a cost.  We believe all these issues will be addressed,  until such time the law is enforced, let’s continue to play our part and drive the anti-littering illegal dumping campaign in whatever way we can.

13. Penalties and fines –
      Unauthorised dumping of refuse/illegal dumping on undesignated places
(a)      domestic waste from a standard size receptacle/-
  carts …………………………………..                                                       20.00
(b)      dumping of domestic waste from a motor vehicle            50.00
(c)      dumping of industrial/commercial waste…….                      250.00
(d)      illegal discharge of domestic and industrial effluent         250.00
3.  The Harare (Incorporated and Local Government Areas)
           (Waste Management) (Amendment) By-laws,2009 (No.26), published
           In Statutory Instrument 106 of 2009, are repealed.
      Supplement to the Zimbabwean Government Gazette dated the 29April,2011.
                                     Printed by the Government Printer, Harare
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Sharon Hook
Miracle Missions Trust
Clean and Green Zimbabwe
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1 comment:

  1. Littering is a pretty unfair action for the people, and for the environment. I think that the law is right in that people can and will be fined.

    -Eleuterio Martinez