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Thursday, November 1, 2012



REMEMBER: When Driving or walking,  Animals always have the right of way
KEEP KARIBA CLEAN  Keep litter to yourself, in your vehicle or boat and empty only at designated points.

For any donations, help offer, more info, or information on injured animals please contact below
Phone numbers
Cavan Warran 0772 690 915 - KARIBA
Nick Grant 0772 607 214 - HARARE
Debbie Ottman Land Home 061 2342 Work 2764  Cell 0773 996 487- KARIBA
Sonya Mc Master Land Home 061 2488 Cell 0772 874 352 - KARIBA

22nd October - 4 snares  - Warthogs to Sommerset area. 4 snares. 3 bush buck, zebra and ele's seen

23rd October – 7 snares -  Main road past Quarry going north then West to Nyanyana river. Judging from the spoor there is a lot of animal activity here due to a pool or two of water in the river bed fed from a spring. Snares were few and only 7 found.
7 warthogs, buffalo and kudu seen.

24th October - 8 snares - Patrol team and Parks ranger were taken to Zebra Island.
They found 8 snares. 8 kudu, 7 zebra and 25 odd impala seen.
They did not see the buff although one sighting was reported last week. It was in very good condition.
Last year there ware at least three buff on Zebra island.

Whilst the patrol was being done 2 signs were erected on Antelope Island. These are the first 2 signs for Parks and Wildlife that we have been working on.  One was placed on the western gap and another in the eastern gap reminding people not to litter, collect firewood, walk or moor on the shores of ANY island without a permit as well as advising that Kapenta boats are not allowed to  park on any island at all. More signs will be erected as they are completed and details will follow in the next update.

ANTELOPE FEED OCT 2012 loading de boat.jpg               ANTELOPE OCT 2012 spraying hay-buff waiting..jpg                     ANTELOPE NEW SIGNS OCT 2012 .jpg
Antelope Island daily feeding - Loading the Parks             Spraying Molases onto the hay – Hungry crowd                One of the new Zimparks sign posts on Antelope Island -

and Wildlife boat  with hay etc to take across to Island     in the background starting to file in for their treats              more details on next update


Carol Bird reported late in the afternoon, a Buffalo with a very sore leg on the powerline.
Upon checking on this it was found that this was the same one we tried to dart almost 2 weeks prior but had 2 hours of hide and seek before it became too dark to continue with the exercise and now it was also too late in the day to try again.
It was organized with all parties to carry out the exercise at dawn the next day

25th October - 26 heavy duty snares
Patrol started off with the darting of the young buff cow that we had been after for some time. Her  foot was in a bad state. Andries removed the wire and pumped her full of Antibiotics.  An email was sent out asking everyone to exercise patience with her if seen crossing a road etc and to keep a look out for her in order to monitor her recovery.
After the darting the patrol was dropped off at Signal hill and used the rest of the shift by going down the Muchara valley. They found 26 heavy duty snares. The majority were very fresh. They may have been laid by the same people that laid all the wire last week in the Nyamasurwa river area.

BUFF HOOF SNARE 25 OCT 2012 POWERLINE -buff at last - Version 2.jpg     BUFF JUVENILE SNARE ON HOOF 25  OCT 2012 P LINE AREA  - Version 2.jpg     SNARES X 26 MUCHARARA  25 OCT 2012.jpg

26th October. - 13 snares - Same area as the 25th. A further 13 snares were recovered.
Patrol found another large amount of PTC wire at two different points near the Mucharara River. The wire must weigh 300kg+. A total of 6 people were hired to remove the wire in one trip in the afternoon. We have also recovered snares of the same material.  CID were called in to check the source of the wire. It seems it is being taken from Telone. As their Enviromental Awarenessa is obviously lacking they have been asked to secure the wire in the hopes that this will now be stopped.

SNARES X 13 26 OCT 2012 LAST ..jpg

Thank you very much Mr Mack Ndebvu whom we received a report from of an ele seen at dusk, with a snare.
On investigation it was found to be a young bull. It had been snared on the left front leg. There was a deep wound between the pad and the ankle from the wire (on the inside). 
Fortunately the wire was no longer on, he had a slight limp and the wound was clean.

It is through these reports we receive from residents and visitors, like this elephant and the badly limping Buffalo, that we are able to check the animal and carry out whatever is necessary to help ease their pain and try to send them on the road to recovery.
Please do not hesitate to call one of us, even if you are unsure. As long as we are given clear details – date, time, where and what – we will always make every effort to follow up.
A total of 921 snares have been found and retrieved since the12th June to date. This does not include the two lots of  what is thought to be Telone wire found in the Mucharara River.  This was reported to CID and they have taken this up with the necessary Institution

These snare numbers have decreased by approximately 60% compared to 2011 snare recovery figures, showing a positive step forward

African proverb  -  If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never spent the night with a mosquito

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