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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mall of Zimbabwe Construction Brought Forward

I have just been sent a copy of the permit (23rd Oct 2012) for the proposed new Mall to be built in Borrowdale West by Augur Investments headed by Mike van Blerk

The email had a quote from “FinX” with the following wording included:

Mall of Zimbabwe Construction Brought Forward

The project will now be completed in October 2014 instead of April 2014. West Properties Managing Director, Mr Mike van Blerk, says construction of the company’s proposed $100 million Mall of Zimbabwe will commence earlier than the initial April 2013 target. This is because the company expects to get environmental certification this week.  West Properties is the property division of Ken Sharpe’s West Group

Sharpe said engagements with EMA were already at an advanced stage for the company to get an EIA certificate which will allow civil and construction works to proceed.

The certification has dragged longer than expected amid environmental concerns with some councillors, residents in nearby suburbs and environmentalists pushing to stop the property venture................

... Contrary to claims that the proposed site was on wetlands , Van Blerk said “If you look at the area where we are developing, you will actually see that it is not a wetland because there are a lot of anthills and termites – anthills do not develop on wetlands”

Earlier yesterday, Environment minister, Frances Nhema, said the biggest mall in Africa, outside South Africa, was not under threat on Environmental  Grounds”.................”.......Nothing stops land development on wetlands as long as standards are met”

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