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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Warning about driving at night in Zimbabwe

Last week, on Friday night around 7pm, as we were driving along Rotten Row, approaching the traffic lights by Coventry Road, my husband and I witnessed a smash and run. A man appeared from the Kopje, smashed the back window of an RVR which was in front of us and made off with a bag which had between US$2,000 and $3,000 cash. It happened so fast, people didn't have enough time to react. Ironically, the driver and passengers of the car had been discussing how dangerous it was to drive along such dark roads at night - they were pretty shaken up.

Just to re-emphasise, please take caution when approaching/driving along dark roads at night. As we all know street lights are never working, and thieves take advantage of this. Keep bags and other valuables hidden, under car seats, in the boot or some other safe place. It's something else just talking about it, but when you go through such an experience, or even witness it, the reality hits that our city is not a safe place especially at night.-- Rumbidzayi Mazhetese

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