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Friday, July 10, 2009

New deposit fines announced

Herald Reporter

POLICE yesterday announced new deposits for fines for those wishing to plead guilty to minor offences and wishing to avoid a court appearance.

The new deposit fines are with immediate effect. Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena, warned that for some offences repeat offenders would have to appear in court, and could not simply pay a deposit fine at a police station. First offenders for the listed offences have the option of appearing in court, if they wish to plead not guilty or if they wish to bring forward mitigating evidence for a lower fine. Before the release of this schedule, some police officers were applying the US$20 fine indiscriminately.

The new deposit fines are as follows:

Offence Fine in US$

Gambling 10

Rioters 5

Indecent conduct 5

Dealing in prohibited or any knives 20

Threatening language especially in public 10

Obstructing passages, streets, pavements or sidewalks 10

Public drinking 5

Drunk violent or disorderly behaviour on

licensed premises 15

Failing to display liquor licence 15

Selling liquor without permit 20

Selling or supplying liquor to any person who is drunk 5

Selling liquor after hours 20

Shops without licence 20

Unlawful possession of identification documents

belonging to another person 20

Moving cattle without permit first offence 20

Second offence court

Unlicenced radio or television receivers at home and

in cars 5

Failure to renew firearm certificate on time 5

Failure to renew for three firearms 20

Insecure firearms 20

Buying or selling a firearm without a certificate court

Disposal of firearms to unathourised persons court

Failure to register a car 15

Illegible registration mark and number plates 10

Vehicles with no front registration numbers 10

Driving without a licence 20

Learner’s driving without supervision 20

Motorists failing to obey turning arrows 10

Driving into intersection when exit is not clear 20

To cause or permit animals to stray on any roads 10

Failure to obey directions from a policeman in uniform

controlling traffic 15

Cars without headlights 20

Driving with an illegal beacon 10

Failure to carry a red triangle 10

Cars without wipers 5

Public service vehicles without fitness certificates 15

Failure to display certificate of fitness 10

Excess passengers 5 per head

Touting 10

Speeding 1km/h 50km/h 5 to 20

Speeding in excess of 50km/h court.

Fishing without permission from owner 5

Serving or offering food in a train or railway premises

first offence 5

Second offence 10

Third offence court

1 comment:

  1. I have just returned from a visit to Zimbabwe and plan to return in July - where can I get a copy of the latest traffic offence fines?