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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


If something is not done soon we are heading for a disaster in Hwange this year, the scale of which could be as big as 2005 when animals were perishing left right and center from lack of water. Parks are doing the best they can with what they have but it simply is not going to be enough. Friends of Hwange are doing their best but are short of funding as some of the main donors have had to cut their sponsorship due to current economic climate. I know this is a difficult time, and asking guys to contribute to any cause at this stage is asking a lot, but at this stage we are left with no choice.

It’s a big ask but if we can get 100 blokes or birds to contribute USD 100 each we can put 10 000 litres of diesel together which will make a huge!! difference. It will allow Friends of Hwange to continue pumping its pans for what will be the two most critical months of the year. Our windmills are all spinning along at max but they will not keep up with demand on water. You guys have all got much bigger e mail address lists than mine due to my outstanding wizzkid techno abilities, so please get this out to the crew! If we can increase the number of contributors to 200 (a small wedding) then each only has to put in 50 bucks. I’m sure this is achievable. I will be very happy to arrange collection for cash contributions (if bank account details are required send me a mail and I will supply). If you crew have people who show interest maybe they can give to you and I will collect from less people.

This e mail is off the cuff and intended really for our wide network of bubweans, so please excuse the informal manner in which it has been compiled. If anyone has got any queries, or any clever thoughts on this, please give me a shout, either on this mail or on my cell 091 2 201035.

Dream alive men and ladies, let me know your thoughts.


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