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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New crime report - Mt Pleasant

Here is an account of something that happened to Libby Mackenzie, the wife of my work partner Ian Mackenzie.
Libby was held up and robbed at her home in Mt Pleasant yesterday afternoon. Libby had done some shopping and returned to her home in Mt Pleasant. The maid unlocked the gate when she arrived and Libby drove the car in, parked it, left the car open, instructed the maid to unload the shopping and her school books and went inside to her bedroom. The gate was still open.

The maid was approached by a man who asked if the boss was in as he had come about a truck. The maid informed the man that there was no one home other than the madam and her whereupon the man pulled out a gun, made the maid lie on the lounge floor and call out to Libby that someone was there to see her. At this stage another man joined in.

Libby came out of the bedroom to be met by two gunmen who demanded forex initially. Libby pulled out USD70 odd in her handbag but he said that was not enough. So she handed over another amount from her cupboard amounting to about USD800. He asked how much was there. She told him USD800 and he counted the money. He then demanded her cell phone. Although he had been through her bag he had not noticed a slim phone in her bag so Libby handed over another older phone which happened to be nearby. He then demanded jewellery and started by demanding her wristwatch but she refused to do this saying it was a present from her husband.

The thieves then locked Libby and her maid in a bathroom after which they drove off in her Toyota Corolla having picked up the keys off a table in the lounge. Libby then managed to call Ian.

It is obviously extremely fortunate that Libby was not roughed up, or worse.

The CID were of the opinion that she had been targeted at the shopping centre and followed
back to her house. There was probably a third person, maybe more, in a vehicle that followed her back to her house, although neither Libby not the maid saw another vehicle.

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