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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reps Members Pub - Quiz Results

Many thanks to all members who took the time to complete the pub questionnaires. We had a total of 87 responses that were submitted over a one month period - the scores and comments are listed below.

The results certainly point to:-

A sincere “Well done” to the Barman
A drastic upgrade of the bar stocks
A serious review of ambiance and decor
More professional attention to cleanliness
Maybe a check on what other hours members would like to be open.
And a lot of suggestions that the bar steering committee has to review!

One questionnaire, which made personal vulgar comments against a committee member is not included in the comments.

Thanks again and we hope you find the results interesting. To see if we are improving in the areas that concern you, we will do another survey in a few months time.


Tim Garrard
Bar steering Committee Chairman

For ease of review, scores are indicated as a percentage of the 87 questionnaires received



Quality of service
Product range
Bar ambiance and decor
General cleanliness
Hours of operation

Reps Members Pub – Action plan

After reviewing all the responses from the Pub Questionnaires you completed - the Bar Liaison Committee has now got some direction in which to steer!! Here we go:-

Quality of service

The Bar staff have been congratulated on achieving the exceptional feed back from their customers
(31% Excellent, 59% Above average, 7% Below Average, Zero Poor).

However, the warm feel of a pat on the back seldom lasts for long these days - it’s a jingle in the pocket that makes it all worth while! Traditionally a Barman supplements his income with customers rewarding his service with loose change from a drinks purchase – a Tip. However, with a swipe card system, the barmen’s tip income has dropped to absolute Zero!

So, by the end of June there will be a twenty five cent “Tip” facility on the bar swipe card system. This is how it works:

If you feel the barman deserves a just tell him to “Put a tip for yourself on the bill” and an extra 25 cents will appear as “Tip” on your till slip. We have kept the "cost" of a tip deliberately low so as to be affordable, please feel free to put more "tip" on your bill if you so wish. At the end of the month, the total value of tips rung up on swipe cards will be handed over in cash to the barmen, to be split between them.

This should, firstly, reward the barmen for a good job done and secondly, help them get through the difficult times we live in at present.

As per tradition – a tip should only be given if earned, and if a Barman actually asks you for a tip, you are well within your rights never to tip him again and report his begging to management or a committee member!

Product Range

72% of members were unhappy with the bars product range. Two areas of discontent were mentioned:

1 Not enough diversity of product available
2 Not enough stock held (Stocks running out)

So, although Reps Finances have very little fat at the moment, the finance committee has agreed to give us a bit of cash to beef up the bar stocks. You can look forward to a much better array of booze being available and we are going to actively work towards beefing up stock levels. Please bear with us while we fight our way through the good old cash squeeze.

Bar Ambiance and Decor

48% of people voted the bar ambiance and decor below average. This means half of our members do not particularly like the present decor! This does pose a few dilemmas like -

We don’t have a clear understanding of what members would like done with the decor.
We don’t have a clear picture of what we would like to do with the decor.
We don’t have the cash for a complete refurbish.

So – brace yourself, there is another Questionnaire coming out!! This one will ask what you would like to see in the way of decor , please be as specific as you can – for example, don’t just put down “Paint the place “ !

Questionnaires should be in place by month end – please get involved and contribute to your ideas on decor relating to Colours, Pictures, Shelves, Lights, Shrunken Heads, Upholstery, Woodwork, Displays, Nooks, Exhibits, Crannies etc etc etc

General Cleanliness

48% of people voted cleanliness below average. This means half of our members think the bar is grubby. However, this does not pose any dilemmas!

A daily cleaning checklist will be in place by month end (if you don’t believe us – ask the barman for his copy) And one day a month is being dedicated to “Deep Cleaning” the bar and lounge area. This should dramatically improve the overall cleanliness and we should get a far better score next time.

Hours of Operation

26% of people voted hours of operation below average. This was mostly noted as the bar closing too early after shows.

Currently, during shows, the bar closes at 10.30pm.

As an initial response, we are giving the head barman on duty on any show night the discretion to delay the calling of last orders until 11 pm, if, in his opinion, there are enough show going patrons still requiring a drink after the show to warrant this. This will allow theatre going members an additional hour or so to slake their thirst after a show!

In conclusion
I sincerely hope the above reaction to your comments (with plenty more reaction to come) shows a positive response to your comments. I also feel it is a good step towards maintaining the Bar as a vibrant and valuable contribution to Reps as a whole.

Regards – and please do fill in a decor questionnaire (but apologies to those that wanted pole dancing - we will not be putting up poles along the bar counter!)

Tim Garrard

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