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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


COURT ORDER 5075/08 24/08/2008

15/7/2009 Charles Nyachowe, ID 70/067/169Q, of 29 Manyonga Drive,
Glen Lorne (011-402 150) arrived with three people. Lands Officer Tigere, Ministry of Lands, Chinhoyi. Told Moses, our Farm Manager that they were going to come back with Offer letter.

18/07/2009 Charles Nyachowe plus five people parked outside near
ramp, crept through fence, walked around houses.

19/07/2009 Charles Nyachowa plus two people parked outside near
ramp, crept through fence, walked around. High Court Order says he is forbidden on Ingwerati Farm, Case Number HC 5075/08 24/08/2008.

20/07/2009 Phoned Sheriff Gate (0912-295 144) who evicted Charles
Nyachowa on 12/9/2008. He took me to ZRP Norton. We saw Insp Ndebele
0912-735 980 and Sgt Tarangarawa who was at eviction. He advised me to come the next day and report to the Member In Charge, Mhandy (0912-749 427), who I had smsed and told that Nyachowe was on the Farm.

21/07/2009 9am Chief Insp Mhandy called Sgt Chirinda (0912-918 546)
who went through all CR and phoned Lands Officer Chinhoyi, Tigere Ministry of Lands Chinhoyi 067-21763 (0912-585 660).

29/08/2008 Gazetted Ingwerati Spitzop 12+14 108B-2008 Hec 348-68
Hec. Last offer letter 28/08/2008. Whole Ingwerati 351.00 hec. He
said he had not left offer letter, only spoken to Manager Moses. He said we are to vacate by 31/08/2009.

21/07/2009 Sgt Chirinda and Chief Insp Mhandy advised me to go to
the DA in Murombedzi. DA L M Bakare Room 41. He phoned Lands Officer Tigere. He spoke to Lands Officer Chikomba. We went to Chinhoyi as advised but he had a meeting with Governor Chidarikire at 3pm and wanted us to wait until 4.30 to see him which we could not do as that was too late for the two hour drive home. Sent him an sms (0912-585 660) to cancel and phoned his Secretary, Daphne 067-21763.

22/07/2009 Reported back to Sheriff Gate. He took me to Public
Prosecutor Munyoro 062-2579 (0912-911 134) to find out the verdict of the court cases.

CR18/10/08 This case was CR37/08/08. Gilbert Pengo Charles Nyachowe
threatened to kill him with a gun at his head if he stopped him from breaking into my house with a locksmith which he did on 04/08/2008 and stayed in the house until 12/09/2008 with ten guards. Court date 25/03/2009.

CR128/08/08 Breaking and entering and abuse of my personal household
possessions, theft to the value of $1850. Court cases 12/12/2008, 16/02/2008, 24/03/2009 and 17/04/2009.

CR145/8/08 Assault of Kennith Vaughan Sherriffs. Charles Nyachowe
paid Admission of Guilt fine at ZRP Norton.

22/07/2009 Public Prosecutor Munyoro and Deputy Sheriff came and
looked at abuse to stove and microwave. The staff, who have the beds and mattresses, said that were disgusting and they washed and cleaned them and are using. I was told to go and see Insp Ndebele with the list of malicious damage to my property after the Public Prosecutor phoned him.

CR39/9/08 Paul Nyachowe, brother of Charles, whom he works for and
was in my house with the guards, drove into our truck twice, hitting it with Charles Nyachowe's green tractor twice, which has not been repaired. This case has now been transferred from ZRP Norton to Marimba 08/09/2008, reference number 219/10/08. Quote US $1,575. 2/12/2008 Inv 6884.

23/07/2009 4:30pm Charles Nyachowe and two vehicles with 8 men took
hacksaws and cut the lock to the main gate. This is the fifth lock he has cut to enter the Farm (Ingwerati). At the main house, has broken into the security gates at the front of the main house. Phoned ZRP Norton, Sgt Chirinda 0912-918 546, Insp Ndebele 0912-735 980, Sgt Tarangarawa 023-265 208 and Sheriff Gate 0912-295 144. The Guard Rhamosi was told by Charles Nyachowe that he will kill him if he closes the gate.

23/07/2009 Charles Nyachowe stole ½ tonne of gum wood from the
Manager's house and took it to the main house. His vehicle number, a green Nissan AAO 1706.

24/07/2009 We went with the Sheriff and Officers Nzombo and Chirinda
to Ingwerati. Nyachowe and his brother Paul were looking at the borehole opposite the manager's house. The Sheriff advised him that he was going to issue him with CIV29A Notice of Removal. Nyachowe went bezerk and said that all high court orders only last 90 days and that the State owns the land and he has been given Ingwerati. The Sheriff said the High Court ruling was valid until it is revoked by the High Court with a new offer letter. The offer letter dated 2/08/2008 that Nyachowe gave the two policeman, the Sheriff said was the same one that was thrown out in the High Court as false. The policemen said that they thought the Sheriff was wrong and Nyachowe's letter was valid. Charles Nyachowe shouted and screamed and said that he is going to get Bob and he is going to get 20% of Boheke and threatened the Sheriff. He pointed at myself and said he knew where I lived at Northfields.

The Dispol, Chief Superindent Makunike said the policeman had made a mistake and the Sheriff was correct. We then obtained a Bond of Indemnity (CIV41A) from Coghlan Welsh & Guest to allow the Messenger of the Court to act on our behalf.

At 4.30, the Sheriff went back to Ingwerati with the CIV29A Notice of Removal and issued it to Nyachowe who said there would be war and he would be killed if he came on Monday. The Sheriff had three people as witnesses who heard these threats.

25/07/2009 Charles Nyachowe took another ½ tonne of gum wood from
the Manager's house which he was seen leaving the farm with.

25/07/2009 Charles Nyachowe cut the electric boundary fence with the
assistance of three of his men to make a new entrance to the main house to avoid going passed the guards.

26/07/2009 Charles Nyachowe maintained his presence on the farm with
other visitors on and off throughout the day.

27/07/2009 The Sheriff sent me to the Norton Police to pick up five
details to go with him for protection during the eviction. The Member In Charge, Mhandy 0912-749 427, called Nzombo and Chirinda, and they agreed that they would not give the Sheriff back-up. The ZRP told me that Mr Nyachowa had gone to see the Secretary of Justice, Mr Mangota.

The Dispol Inspector, Makunike 0912-840 653 and
0913-426 074, told them that this was not correct but could not get them to comply with their duties.

The Sheriff came to town and went to the Police Headquarters and they assured him that he would get back-up, however, when he returned the backup was not forthcoming. The Sheriff has his truck with ten officials to help him with the eviction. He then proceeded in his car to Ingwerati and told Paul Nyachowe, who was in the main house, that he would be back on Tuesday to evict him.

27/07/09 I wanted a report made at Norton Police Station of the
lock being cut (This is the 5th lock he has cut) the wood stolen, and the boundary electric fence he and 3 other men cut, making a new entrance to the main house. The police refused to write up this on a wait and see basis.

28/07/2009 The Sheriff returned to Mhandy, ZRP Norton and was
refused the police details to back him as they said they have a docket for us for over staying at the farm. The Sheriff was waiting for the Master of the High Court to issue a directive to the police to assist.

This morning, our Dairy Manager, Moses, contacted us to say that Charles Nyachowe had gone into the Dairy and told him he was to stop milking and move the cows on Wednesday and also that he was going to be welding the gate so that we would not have entry and that his men would be running the farm. There are 89 Holstein highly pedigree herd on this farm.


  1. Does anyone know that this very Charles Nyachowe is a convicted criminal who spent 7 years loacked up in Chikurubi Max Prison for defrauding a bank in Zimbabwe. He is a very violent and cruel person who must be watched

  2. The Charles Nyachowe we know is very differne=t from the one you are trying to paint here.I am sure you want to create a impression which very negative to person whon did nothing wrong but accepted to participate in a legitimate Gvt programme.The issue of bank fraud was later discovered that he was not the pepetrator of this crime but was only used to authorise transactions that some peolpe still at large outside Zimbabwe had initiated.Charles is not a criminal but a hard working Zimbabwean.If you check closely you will find that he has always worked for all what he has.People should kow that Charles was later relased on the grounds that the apple court realised that he had no case.People like Charles with their resilience are the future leadres of Zimbabwe,untreatened and aggraessive,Long live Charles Nyachowe keep up the fight for all of us.We like your good character and ability to handle people.God bless you.

  3. Charles is a hardworking zimbabwean aware of nhaka that our ancestors left for us and is pressig for full economic emancipation of the black man. Ahoy, power to the people.