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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Farm Situation

For all those that have had suspect offer letters served on them, or are being sued by the state for illegally farming since 2007. Apparently the PM is unaware of all these other cases and therefore truly believes that there is not a major problem with the land invasions. He asked me to ask anyone I knew that was having a problem to call him and give him a written statement of what has happened on their farm.

I gather that after the PM's western trip, they have realised that the embassies have been informing their governments of what is going on, and so that cannot just brush it off, and that this is the number one issue that needs to be resolved before any funding can be realised.

The contact to speak to is Tobani, cell no. 0912288027, landline is
333417 and their office is in Bath Rd, coming down West Rd from REPS turn right in Bath Road and it is a small green and white house with the veranda littlerally on the road - you can't miss it. They are very welcoming and if Tobani is not there, ask to see Andrew Chadwick.

If we do not all stand together now, then we are all wasting our time.
If we are all hoping that the inclusive government is going to help, then they have to be directly informed of what is happening on the ground.
One man's' ignorance is another man's' power.

If you know of anyone else who is in the same situation, please get them to let the PM's office know direct through Tobani or Andrew.

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