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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kevin Mazivanhanga

Kevin Mazivanhanga 15 year old Bulawayo Gifford Secondary School student is in dire need of financial assistance to enable him to undergo a heart surgery in Atlanta America. The surgeon through the assistance of a Zimbabwean well wisher Mr. Mark Greenland has offered to donate his services just to give this innocent life a chance.

Kevin’s heart has a hole which is preventing it from pumping blood to all his body parts.His condition has been worsening over time and he has now grown very weak that he can’t lift objects, walk for a few meters or even concentrate on his studies. He is currently weighing 30kgs and the doctors warn that he should not go beyond 29kgs

‘…..I also want to participate in those activities done by fellow schoolmates and friends. I also wish to help my parents at home because there is so much to be done. Just the knowledge that your heart has a hole can be so unbearably painful ………’said Kevin in a heart rending interview broadcast on the ZTV National television’s Esandleni Somusa on 09/07/09.

Sometimes its hard to imagine how much more pain can one take.The young boy badly needs his mothers’ gentle care during this difficult moment but lo, the pillar is also bed ridden& in need of a helping hand.She also needs to udergo surgery since she is using a hole just below her chin for breathing .She can neither breathe through the mouth nor nose.The procedure for mum will cost USD1500.

The Father, Mr Mazivanhanga was previously employed as a salesman in Bulawayo but was laid off due to the harsh economic environment .He is currently working as a Gardner as payment for accommodation where the family of five is currently housed.

The fundraising team is estimating the total minimum cost of getting the pair to Atlanta plus procedure on mum at USD4500. Mrs. Mazivanhanga literally begged Zimbabweans to be compassionate & give her son a chance by donating whatever they can afford “...rwizi rwakazara nemadirangwe…”she said

This is a cry for compassion from a deeply distressed family, boy, mother& father.Yes you can make a difference in your small way. You may never understand the value added by your contribution but you would have given Kevin the greatest gift………….A chance To Live
As we thank the Lord and count our blessings one by one for the favor upon our lives, let us join our hands and do a noble thing as we are doing it unto the Lord.

Mr. & Mrs. Mazivanhanga can be contacted on 09-245093 c/o Mark Greenland.
Also get in touch with Shingai if in need of further details ,011361477

Also authenticate appeal through the Producer Esandleli Somusa(Busi Sibanda).ZBC Bulawayo Montrose.The producer will personally acknowledge donations received .

09-471811-5/09-463471-4,/0912 907 947

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