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Monday, July 13, 2009

Wildlife Zimbabwe Newsletter

Mashonaland Branch aims to:

· Encourage the creation and proper management of national parks and other ecological reserves in which nature conservation and the maintenance of biological diversity or the preservation of natural values are the prime objective;· Encourage people with wildlife on their land, including the State in the Parks & Wildlife Estate, to manage `their’ wildlife and its habitats, sustainably according to sound ecological and economic principles. To this end Branch members may be involved in the practical management of such areas, either as the management for an area or in co-operation with that authority;· Participate in and encourage research and the dissemination of information designed to support the sustainable management and use of land on which there is wildlife or a fragile ecosystem and a public appreciation of the value of maintaining biological diversity and ecological productivity in a healthy environment;· Encourage institutions to promote wildlife management in Zimbabwe that is ecologically sustainable, economically viable and socio-politically acceptable. Based on the fact that wildlife has economic attributes that offer agriculturally marginal areas of Africa one of the few opportunities for escaping the poverty vortex and enhancing rural human well being;· Source funds to implement this agenda and to participate in emergency action to save wildlife and its habitats when, for any reason, these are threatened.· Maintain an effective and enthusiastic membership organisation, which is open and transparent in order to achieve these aims, and of which all Zimbabweans and Zimbabwean organisations, which subscribe to its ideals, are encouraged to become members.

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