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Monday, July 27, 2009

Refuse removal - from an aquantence

Being concerned about the ever increasing piles of refuse being dumped in public areas, vleis and vacant plots, I contacted the City of Harare last week in an attempt to find a solution to this. They informed me that the reason for this is because refuse was being collected in residential areas ONCE a month and gave me the collection dates of some areas. However, today I went to see them to told the good news that as of next week, they are planning to reintroduce weekly collections in residential areas.
On my way back from the meeting, I witnessed personnel dumping their building rubble in a vlei in Eastlea from a truck belonging to Vari Freight. City of Harare informed me that if anyone is caught doing this, they will be made to not only remove what they have dumped but clear the entire area themselves. It is not only illegal and an eyesore, but a health hazard too.
Please can I urge you and/or your staff/domestic workers to refrain from dumping your refuse as the trucks will be back in your area within the next week or two. Please help to get Harare back to being the Sunshine City.

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