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Thursday, July 11, 2013


At approxamitely midnight between the 6th and 7th of july 2013, there was a very bad accident on the borrowdale road right by borrowdale primary school. My friend, Jennifer Mincke was involved in the accident but luckily was very minor on her part. Her vehicle was parked off the road. Whilst she was talking to the police, somebody broke into her vehicle and stole a light blue (turqoise) hand bag, a dark blue bag, her black police glasses in a black case, and her cellphone. In the light blue handbag was her metal drivers license and some money. The phone is a white sony xperia go in a see through turqoise case. In the dark blue bag was her ipod a small green ipod nano (the one with the touch screen) and some clothes

I understand we will most likely not get any of the electronics back but i am still offering a reward for any info leading to finding or to anyone who finds such items. 

I am also offering a reward if anyone finds her hand bag and/or her drivers license. Name on the license is Jennifer Lauren Mincke. 

Please contact me on 0776 139 981 or email

Please drive safe everyone... Jen was sober and was driving carefully at the time. The main accident occured a few minutes before and she did not see any hazards or any reflectors etc and it was a very dark night. She clipped the back end of the crashed car as she did not even see anything. 


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