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Saturday, July 27, 2013



July has been a very cold month with a lot of power cuts in most areas, some have seen as much as two a day ! This has meant that the crime rate has increased, as a lot of backup systems for alarms etc have not had the time to recharge and be of prime use.  We all try to understand the power shedding, not much thought goes into areas that have had a fault and then go straight into load shedding ….. this is a double timing for consumers, a suggestion surely should be raised on this issue?  It seems to fall on deaf ears !

Robberies have occurred in many areas such as Highlands, Greendale, Town Centre, Mount Pleasant, Msasa, Avondale, Belvedere, Milton Park, Mandara, Westgate and Emerald Hill.
Two robbers were shot who had robbed both in Harare and Bulawayo, taking valuables, mobiles laptops, cash ….. it is advisable not to keep a lot of cash at home or in your premises; this is the main reason for robberies. It is to be believed that part of this gang is still at large so please be warned.  There are a large number of criminal suspects at large due to insufficient transcribers and equipment in the courts, and the length of time for cases to be heard, meaning a lot of suspects have jumped bail and gone underground and are now at large. It has been confirmed that hard core criminals are behind these armed robberies and hijackings.  Reports of smash and grab still occurring, one in the Helensvale area.

A report of a double homicide in the Gun Hill area, this is believed to be due to a domestic dispute amongst staff.  Both suspects are wanted by Police for other reasons.
We ask you all to be vigilant, and make sure your security is being activated even in the daytime.  It seems that break ins have occurred just before dusk and before the security systems are in place.

There have been a few fatal accidents which have been mostly due to ‘ undue care and attention’ and disregard to the laws of the road.  The standard of driving is appalling and sadly drunk driving has claimed lives.  Talking on mobiles is an offense, please refrain from this, and if you must use your phone have the appropriate devise fitted to your vehicle, but to talk and drive means your concentration is not on full alert.
There has been a lot happening in July …… lets make August a happy August ……

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 

Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

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