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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kariba News

On the 29th of June a Pontoon Houseboat was moored in the first bay on the left in the western gap on Antelope island.

Mr Guest and friends were fishing in the same bay and witnessed  +- 8 clients leave the boat and walk for some distance on the shore line unaccompanied by a ranger.

A few of the youngsters were seen to walk into edge of the water on the shore in full view of the adults on the walk and the staff of the boat and the Guest’s (after a number of rocks thrown into the area) and turn a crocodile carcass over. The dead croc had been partially eaten. There were 5 other crocodile in the bay at the time one of which is not under 3.8-9 mt long. After a while this group carried on with their walk and disappeared from view over the ridge.

There is not less than 15 buffalo on this island and the chances of surprising and “trapping” one or more of the buffalo on one of the many pieces of land jutting out from the main island is very high. This would cause the buff to charge in order to “escape” There are also snares being laid on Antelope and the chances of encountering a wounded, enraged buff can also be regarded as high.

There are a number of visible sign boards on Antelope Island that state quite clearly that permits must be obtained to walk on any island.  To the best of our knowledge all House boat staff, agents and owners are aware of this and they, the crew,  are soley responsible for the safety of their clients when on charter.

Cavan Warren KAWFT

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