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Monday, July 1, 2013

Bad driving

As you all know many of the Varsity students studying in South Africa return home to Zim at this time of year for a month’s R & R. There are a few of them that tend to party hard during their time back home. This always results in emails like the following 2 being sent to me by readers that have been in their presence - by choice or otherwise. Please advise your kids of the seriousness with which Drink Driving should be taken and what options they have if they have  had too much to drink and need to find a way home without either driving or jumping into one of their mates cars. There are great taxis operating in all the main shopping centres so it is easy for you to link up with a few during the day time and have their contact details ready for that urgent late night from your kids. We also do not want them racing up and down the Borrowdale road in the early hours of Sun Mornings with the potential of tragic consequences. Ciao, Mike
, yet another incident involving youngsters. On Saturday night I was travelling home at about 8:30 pm with my wife and two young kids along Harare Drive. As I approached the Borrowdale and Harare Dve intersection, I was indicating to turn left using the filter road. As we reached the filter the lights from Borrowdale side turned red. I noticed a vehicle approaching the lights but thought seeing as the lights were red they would stop, so I proceeded. Well these youngsters came flying through the red light, overtook me, flashing their lights, hooting, shouting obscene words and using vulgar finger gestures against me. Believe me if my wife and children had not been in the car I would have given chase and who knows what would have happened. The three youngsters were driving a silver Nissan March Reg No: ACN 4477.  They looked like school kid aged kids and just hope a parent or someone who knows these kids or vehicle reprimands them suitably. I have friends in high places and I can obtain details of the vehicles owners if I wish to pursue the issue. These kids need to start taking control of themselves, too many are ending up injured, dead or injuring others.
, i just have to write this as I think accidents could have been prevented if there was proper policing this weekend.
The university students are back on vac. and schools were out for the long weekend, one would think that the police would be especially vigilant over this last weekend as this combination is a recipe for road disasters.
I know of two serious accidents that occurred over that time and I am sure there were more, one of them on the Borrowdale road, not surprising as, in the early hours of the morning, persons were racing up and down the Borrowdale road, and motorbikes, engines roaring horns hooting, I am very surprised it was not heard at the police station.
Where are are police,do they only work in tandem with ZBC these days? Traffic laws are being violated dangerously, traffic lights crossed on red, speeding, alas it is mostly the innocent that suffer.
This email should be directed to the police stations but hopefully some of them will read this.  from a resident on the "front line in Pomona."

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