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Monday, July 1, 2013

Problems in Mocambique

Thurs 20 June at 0900.

Just off the phone to Gorongosa and the very bad news is that all tourists have been evacuated from the Parque Nacional da Gorongosa (National Park) and he saw about 30 military transport trucks heading north towards the Gorongosa Mountain. So looks like a big show-down to root out the rebels.

This after Renamo on Tuesday looted a weapons depot at Savane (about 100km from Beira on the Dondo - Caia road), killing 6 soldiers, the Moz govt is now moving to attack the Renamo base at Satunjira also called Casa Banana.

Renamo has vowed to sabotage the Beira - Sena railway and to attack any road traffic between Save and Muxungue (120km north of Save) on the main road EN.1

While the disarming and disbanding of Renamo bandits is long overdue, this is a damned shame as this could spiral out of control and will cause a major blow to tourism and investment.

Will keep posting as info comes in.

Advice? Well right now no road travel on main road all the way from Save River in the south to Caia in the north.

For those heading to Inhambane, Vilanculos etc area, no word on threats to these places, but I think things are about to get very ugly in Moz, so huge caution is advised.


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