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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Community Notices

The Memorial Service for Maureen Cooke will be held at No 26-28 Windmill lane, off Carrigh Creigh Rd, Borrowdale on Thursday 4th July at 2.30pm for 3pm.  Dress smart/casual.  Tea and drinks will be served after the service.

Contact Kevin Cooke  0773-591349

Thanks for this Mike. I never answer my phone while driving – nothing is so urgent that it can’t wait a few minutes until I can pull over safely – on most of our roads it’s relatively easy to pull over straight away to answer. In fact for most of us few of our journeys around town take more than 15 minutes or so, so it’s also not so hard to just wait until you get to your destination to return the call! For those who really can’t wait, get a hands free kit. I see such incredibly bad driving every day resulting from people talking on their cell phones – it’s shocking the extent to which people stop concentrating on the road as soon as they have their cell phone in their hands, and so unnecessary! And as for the fine, people should consider a $20 fine as getting of lightly if caught in the act of potentially putting people’s lives in danger by failing to concentrate on the road! Concerned Motorist
If you are caught talking on your cell phone whilst driving - be ashamed and thankful you were not the cause of an accident, which may have involved me or my family! I have no sympathy at all for you!
I couldn’t agree with you more. If it is urgent pull over to talk. Far safer for us all. One wonders if a fine of say $500 would have an impact? Concerned mum of 2 small kids
People aren’t thinking past their own inconvenience when safety of themselves and others should be their main priority!!!
it is against the law to talk on your cell phone while driving and by not doing so you could save a life.  Why should we get away with it just because we live in Zimbabwe, we certainly would not anywhere else in the world.  So yes the answer is if you need to talk on the cell phone whilst driving GET A HANDS FREE!!!!!!
I think that you should lose your driver’s  license for using a phone whilst driving no option of a fine.
We often get so caught up in complaining about the police and their behaviour that we fail to take responsibility for where we are at fault. Interestingly enough most of us who complain about getting into trouble when stopped for talking on our cell phones whilst driving, get incredibly upset when we are cut off, or otherwise affected by  other drivers who do the same. Usually we go on to blame the police for not enforcing the law.
People cant seem to operate these days without a cell phone strapped to their ear.  Talking on cellphones while driving is an offence everywhere
else in the world - causes untold accidents.  You even see people texting while driving.
I get really mad when I see a policeman getting abuse when I myself witnessed the offence. If you can't afford the fine or time then don't do the offence and if you get caught, serves you right !! The police in some cases are just trying to do their job and when they do it correctly pay the fine and be civil about it. The driving in this country is getting out of hand and its causing accident's, sometimes fatal. The rules of the road are there for a reason and one more thing I would like to congratulate Borrowdale police for putting a traffic officer on duty on the T junction of Crowhill and Borrowdale road in the morning rush hour, it really helps. Anonymous Reader
You are so correct, however, there are some policemen/women who want a ride back to their stations when ending their duty,  so claim that the fines for talking on a phone have been changed and has to be done from the police station. Hope people do not fall for that, they tried that on me on Ridgeway north a few weeks ago. I got out of my vehicle, locked it and told them to take me to the station. End of their plan when they realised that they could not get a free ride. " you may go"
I personally wish that the old rumour of the $1000 fine or whatever it was the amount of time I’ve had near misses with drivers on their cellphones and when you wave at them they get very defensive I know the way of zim is that policemen are always wrong but in this case users on their cellphones in the car are a hazard. And the worst offenders are the first to make noise regarding their abuse once stopped.  Concerned Biker
I agree with you and as far as I am concerned anyone caught driving and using a phone deserves what they get – either get a hands free kit or pull off when you receive a call or receive one – simple! Phil
Well said .... especially the part about road safety for the rest of us users that deliberately don't do so for that reason.
I agree very much with you. It is an offence in almost every country to use the cell phone while driving. The police is very correct this time. Kirsten


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