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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Attempted Robbery

In the Clarendon Circle / Hyde Road area, there was an attempted break-in at our neighbours yard on Christmas day, around 4pm, broad daylight - both families were away, but this was thankfully foiled by some local folk who had gathered at the corner, and noticed a Silver Toyota Prius, accident damaged at the back, pull into the drive way, with 5 men inside. Two jumped the fence into our neighbours, at the corner of our yard, using the wall to assist them, carrying a bag which we assume held tools to break in with.  The driver stayed with the car and the other two men stood guard.  One of the locals run up to question the men in the car, as to their business there, which spooked them and they drove off, after the other two were called back.     Our neighbour went scouting the next day and the same car was parked again in the area.  He rushed off to collect police but they got away. Local police have been given details

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