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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Just to warn all you women out there. It just happened to me like an hour ago. I went to the bank in msasa to draw cash. I then walked out the bank, noticed a black merc with no number plates and the guards talking to them by the window. I was parked next to it. I got in my car and drove out towards Mr Tyre by the robots. It was red so i stopped. I felt a bump into my car so i looked and saw a guy in a suit stand up and run down the road so i thought he just walked into the back of my car. I then went into Redan petrol station on Mutare road. Putting fuel in, i noticed this car come up behind me so i didn’t even wait for the guy to finish with my car and i drove out. I called Ian and told him what had happened so decided not to go to the school and just go straight to the workshop where ian would be waiting for me. I didn’t see the car behind me so thought it would be ok. I got to the round about by jaggers and saw the car behind again, so i phoned ian again to let him know it was still following. I drove in the first gate, saw ian was waiting outside the premises in his car outside Charles High Diesel. I got out the car and they started driving in the other gate. Ian smashed the car from behind, another guy got into his car and went the other gate to help but they got away. No one could catch them. They drove up Harare Drive.

I went back to the bank with my dad. I have seen the guy that was at the bank. On CCTV, it showed that i walked in, he came in behind me, didn’t go to a teller, he was walking up and down passing, i finished and it showed he walked out infront of me. So there is a police report and photo of the guy that was in the bank with me. I then saw the bump into my car was actually a slash in my tyre. So he didn’t bump into my car, he slashed my tyre and followed to see when i had stopped on the road with a flat and they would have got me. There were 3 of them.

Everyone, be aware and notice everything. It is the most scary thing i have ever experienced in my life.

Kerry Bond

Later comment - This happened on Monday around 1230. Well started at the bank when i noticed them and the CCTV shows he followed me in at about 1210. They still followed me into Redan on Mutare road and still into the premises of my work until they saw me outside and pointed then they realised they were had. But too late. We should have waited for them to come fully inside, then there would have been no way for them to escape.

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