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Thursday, January 19, 2012

response I received from the Supt in charge of Public Relations at Police Head quarters here in Harare

Dear Reader,

This is the quick response I received this afternoon from the Supt in charge of Public Relations at Police Head quarters here in Harare regarding an earlier email I sent out this morning Regards Mike G ...........

Thanks Mike for the issues that you keep bringing to our attention.

Allow me to reassure the concerned citizens and the nation at large that despite individual failings of some police officers, as an organisation we always seek to live to the sdtandards enunciated in the Police Service Charter which I believe the nation at large is now familliar with. The charter exhorts every police officer to be effective whether on the road, at the station or anywhere where a duty is to be performed. Diligenxe, hnesty and courteousness are to be the hallmarks of a treue police officer. Where there are deviations from this guiding principle, the organisation has provided an avenue for members of the public to alert those in authority so that corrective action can be taken. We do not seek to harrass those that we police but let me haqsten to point out that as law enforcement agents , it is importannt that we get the cooperation of those that we police. It must also be noted that world over, it is difficult to please everybody. Being concious of one's rights is important, but more important is the need to fight for them and ensure that no one, not even the police can trumple upon these God gven rights. This is the essence of why the police in its corporate endevours to create a transparent organisation, avenues for making complaints against the police have been provided for. It is not sufficient to just cry foul without seeking a redrress of the situation. I want to urge the complainant to take note of the place of occurance, the time of day, nature of nuisance and even the force numbers of the officers and forward the complaint to the Police Complaints Desk either in person or by telephoning (04) 703631 or faxing at the same number. The complaint can even be emailed using the following email address:

I hope this response address some of the concerns raised

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