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Monday, January 2, 2012


Dogs and Fireworks: I would like to comment on this seemingly growing problem of "fireworks mania" in Harare.

Last night was an absolute nightmare in the Greystone Park area of Harare! They must have started letting off fireworks at about 7.30pm, but at midnight to about 1am it became like a total war zone with explosions going off every few seconds, some very loud, for about 15 minutes! Most of us know how frightening this is for our 4-legged friends at the least - but to be exposed to it for about 5 hours must have been like sheer torture for them! I know that ours were going bollistic and the only way we could calm them down a bit was to give them tranquilisers. I'd hate to know how many lost, traumatised dogs are on the roads this morning. I even woke up at about 3am with my whole body trembling!!

We have since heard that in SA fireworks are banned, and if anyone is caught letting them off they are fined. What I want to ask you - do you think it would be worth trying to get them banned here and if so, do you have any idea of how we can go about it? I am sure there must be many animal lovers out there that feel the same way about it that I do.


Housebreaking and Theft: We were enjoying a farm new year with family but woke up yesterday morning (1st January 2012) to a phone call to say that our house had been broken into. We live at 9 Townsend Road, Emerald Hill and the thieves had a field day!

Our house was locked and alarmed (both inside and outside) and they gained access over the main road wall. Having tried to break in through my youngest daughter’s room and realizing they weren’t winning, they smashed the bathroom window, broke through the burglar bars, crow-barred the main bedroom door open causing extensive damage and duly ransacked every drawer, cupboard, handbag, toiletry bag, plus plus plus …. Nothing was left un-turned including mattresses. They then chiseled out the safe in the wall and stole the whole safe. They went through all the bedrooms and bathrooms with vigilance. This wasn’t enough, went back outside and tried to get into the living area by bending the aluminium lounge doors but thankfully bending them too badly to slide open.

They got away with a TV – Samsung 34” flat screen, DVD player – Panasonic slim-line silver in colour, clothes (including HEAPS of triathalon / Iron Man t-shirts, belts, ALL the trainers / tackies in the house (kids included), perfume, torches, cell phones, passports, money ($2k+ - school fees ), bathroom linen, 5 watches, bags, satchels, men’s slops and all underwear (?!?!), Swiss army knives, nails sets, cordless hair clippers - but worst of all, in the safe, was the jewelry I had just inherited from my mum.

Avondale Police – Constable Zenda was extremely helpful as were the CID – Inspector Mhaza who took fingerprints.

If ANYONE in our area saw a car parked on Townsend Road late on Saturday 31st December 2011 or men milling about, please either let Tess know immediately (Emerald Hill Neighbourhood Watch) or myself (0772 714 714) so we can let the police know.

Again, if ANYONE is approached with suspicious items for sale, please report it IMMEDIATELY. Any jewelers out there who are approached with an array of rings (all gold and diamond), necklaces or watches (one dress watch and 4 x training watches), please let me know via SMS or phone call OR let Avondale Police Station – Constable Zenda know.


Year of the Community: Good on you for encouraging the need for community. I think many of your points are now becoming more relevant for the urban dwellers, who for some time have managed to stay somewhat more insulated from the harshness that visited the country district communities from mid '90's until mid 2000's, where the pressure to fracture and fold one's hand was intense. Having lived through the heat of the acquisition exercise, I have clear memories of how the importance of community came to the fore amongst the farmers and their families and workers, which provided stability and strength to persevere. Cultivating a clear sense of community will certainly provide much in the way of the needed practical building blocks for the future.


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