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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Subject: Dogs and Fireworks - comments from residents

I absolutely agree that fireworks should be banned in Zimbabwe. We have had so many pets lost and found at the surgery over the last week or so. My neighbours have been letting off fireworks since before Christmas and were still letting them off last night – my pets are terrified, run around the house in absolutely panic and won’t eat. If fireworks were only allowed at midnight on New Years day at least we all know it is just for the one night and give our pets tranquillizers, but for the fireworks to go on and on night after night is insane and very cruel. Let fireworks be banned PLEASE!! However, owners should also make sure that their pets are kept safe on a secured property and not on the roads and please make sure your dog has a collar and nametag so we can find their owners! Please contact us on 339971/2 if you have lost or found a dog.


Our dogs tremble uncontrollably and cannot be calmed when the firework go off and i agree that it should be banned. We live in Greystone Park and they did go off for ages and ages on new years eve and again last night. It is very unfair on our animals, (and us!)

Thanks for the comments - we would also totally back any move to ban fireworks as we too felt every rocket, cracker and bang with the animals in Harare. Our lab who is normally fine as long as he is with us, was totally traumatised and the whole night, plus other nights, have been very stressful. Do people not realise how these noises traumatise all animals - the mind boggles.

Hope 2012 is a good year for you and for everyone.


I live in Chisipite and heard as well the fireworks all last night. My 3 dogs were so stressed they dig holes all around the garden.

I would support the idea to ban the fireworks except some days and limited to certain hours.


Re; Fireworks – I agree 1000000000% they SHOULD be banned. We had a terrible time this so called festive season with our poor dog wetting herself, scratching at the door all night and did not go out at all for New Years because of our poor animals, the cat made herself a cave inside the desk drawer and would be hidden for hours on end. The dog is still very traumatized and that is after sleeping inside for the past couple of


Hi Mike – I am so with the fireworks being banned – its got bad here in Harare – I accept that people let fireworks off at New Year, it has become a bit of a tradition but New Year is the 31st! Its one night! And the fireworks are supposed to be let off at MIDNIGHT not from sundown to sunup!

I would support any initiative to have them banned. But I can see there being massive resistance so why not ban them accept under controlled circumstances, keep them to specific areas not near residential areas and only to be let off for a short period of time. Maybe a compromise can be reached. The thing that has upset me the most is that not only did they let off fireworks the entire night of the 31st – which is frustrating enough – it has now spread to the night of the 1st and last night our area was still being bombarded by the constant bombshelling of fireworks. Its JUST NOT ON – my animals a terrified and have now had THREE nights of it!

Any initiative to ban the fireworks or at least reach a compromise that is suitable to the protection of animals I say GO FOR IT!!!

Thank you for inviting us to send in some comments. I have had a most difficult time with my dog who seems to have become completely freaked out by the fireworks as well as thunder and any other bangs. Over this last two weeks, there were fireworks going off at any time of the night and on any date. My vet has decided to try and calm my dog by keeping her at his surgery for at least 10 days. This is all very unsettling and disturbing for everyone.

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