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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Indications from the SADC Climate Service Centre are that the second half of the rainfall season, that is, January, February and March is still expected to be characterized by mostly normal to above normal rainfall as per the original Seasonal Forecast for 2011 /2012.
According to the Meteorological Services in Zimbabwe, heavy rains are expected from 30th December 2011 to 2nd January 2012. Parts of Mashonaland Provinces, Harare, Matabeleland North and parts of Manicaland are expected to receive in excess of 80millimeters of rainfall. These rains are expected to be accompanied by gusty winds and hail.

Further to that, the Zambezi River Authority has scheduled the opening of one spillway gate on Lake Kariba on 3rd January 2012 at 1200hrs. This will automatically increase the river level and flow downstream of the Lake.

Given the foregoing there is increased risk of flash flooding and flooding for low lying areas and areas that usually flood. There is also risk of roofs being blown off and some houses may succumb to excessive moisture and collapse.

Accordingly the general public is advised to take necessary steps to avoid danger. It is critical to listen to warnings and generally observe rainfall activity and avoid venturing out unnecessarily. In case of strong winds, shelter in a house with the most secure roof and close all windows and doors. In case of flooding, timely move to higher ground. Avoid working in fields located across rivers or streams.

Issued by,

Sibusisiwe Ndlovu, Acting Director, Department of Civil Protection 29th December 2011


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