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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gate Motor Safety

Gate Motor Safety: To All Out There Please Be Very Aware That Even Though You Have A Gate Motor Running Your Gate, Please Put A Lock On Your Gate At Night. We Are In The Electric Gate Business And I Cannot Warn You Enough, We Have Had Some Ladies Who Live On Their Own And We Have Been Called Out On Numerous Occasions Where Their Gate Has Stopped Working But In Actual Fact What The Thieves Do Is They Lift Your Gate Off The Rail And Proceed Inside Without You Even Knowing, Plenty Times These Ladies Have Been Saved By Having A Lock On Their Gate At Night. When We Install Our Motors And Gates We Make Sure That Our Anti-Theft Cages On The Motors Are Welded Down Permanently Therefore Making It Impossible For Gate Motors To Be Stolen. Thieves Are Targeting Woman Living On Their Own So Be Aware. Please Contact Me On 0772253108 Or 0733405813 Glen Eley If You Need Your Gate Motors To Be Secured. You Could Email Me On Fabrigate@Yoafrica.Com 


  1. Hi there, nice post. This is an interesting and very informative topic. Thanks for sharing you thoughts on this issue. Keep it up, looking forward to read another one in the future. Cheers!
    When it comes to fence gate motors, the right product can make the difference between a lifetime of worry-free operation and frequent malfunctions and costly replacements.

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