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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Demonstartions in harare

Information to hand indicates that there are demonstrations / protests planned in the city centre today, in connection with the civil service strike. No specific venues have been given, but historically such protests usually centre around NSSA House (corner 2nd st / Julius Nyerere), Ministry of Finance (4th st / Samora Machel) and Harare Gardens / Africa Unity square.

Such demonstrations often turn violent, involving tear-gas and baton charges by the police. You are therefore advised to avoid going anywhere near the city centre today.

We’ll advise you of any further developments – please let us know as well if you have any information regarding this.


  1. I think that this is a bad news and news of protests like these will discourage tourists from coming to Zimbabwe.

  2. Thanks author to inform us timely....!!!
    The ups and downs are the regular parts of any country.Other wise Harare is a city which is replete with full pleasures and comfort.
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  3. Thanks for sharing post. Really very informative post in your blog. The up and down in a very country. But Harare is a good city. Some time which is replete with full pleasure and comfort. I think that this is very bad news for tourists people.

  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing good post. Really very informative post in your blog. The up and down in a every country. Its not a big deal. some time replete with full pleasure and comfort.................

  5. thanks for wonderful post . i really like zimbabwe lifestyle .i have few of friends from Harare. Bulawayo. Chitungwiza. Mutare. Gweru. Kwekwe. Kadoma.and Masvingo in my class.they all are very friendly.

  6. i like your blog because you always sharing informative information in your blog. Great work and keep it up.