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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More fireworks comments

I agree that the fireworks should be banned. Neighbours all around us having been letting them off from before Christmas and still last night I heard the odd firecracker. My dogs are traumatized by the whole thing and in addition to this my daughter has a six month old baby who is woken up by the continuous noise of these crackers throughout the night. The children next door even went so far as to throw one over our durawall. Unfortunately I did not catch them doing this but found the cracker the next day. I have no objections to firecrackers being let off on certain days at the right venues. Firecrackers used to be let off on certain days and we could plan for these days but it seems that any day is cracker day now!

The issue is not with the fireworks, it is the dog owners – my dogs don’t even budge and none of my previous dogs worried about them either – it is the owners panicking when they hear fireworks and the dogs will react to that energy. If you don’t believe that then think about this - If a fear of loud noises is intrinsic to the dogs why don’t all dogs show fear with fireworks? There would not be gun dogs, police dogs etc. Please owners for the sake of your dogs, notice how you feel when you hear fireworks and be calm – don’t get stressed because that is what your dog is reacting to.

Thanks for the input on fireworks - but it is not only the animals. The flea market fireworks are not safe and do not have the safety conditions required by First World countries. One of our top surgeons was deeply distressed in December when he was unable to save the fingers of a thirteen year old child, who has lost ALL the fingers of one hand following an accident with a firework. In developed countries children are not allowed to buy fireworks at all, and indeed they should be banned.


I would definitely support a ban of fireworks - during this festive season, I have watched as my happy, confident, well-balanced young dog has turned into a shivering mess who now spends most of her day hiding under my bed, and is even fearful on her daily walk. If fireworks were restricted to midnight on New Year's Eve, that would be one thing - but they've been going on for days now and just when my dog starts to recover, another bang sends her panicking again.
I agree with a lot of what has been said but what also should be discussed is the inconsideration of alot (not all) of dog owners who allow the incessant barking of their pets to go on unabated with absolutely no consideration to their neighbours. I do not have a problem with a dog barking if there is a situation developing warranting the owners attention - I do however have a huge problem when a dog(s) are just left unattended by their owners. It is actually a sign of neglect on behalf of the owners in that the animal is usually bored and not correctly cared for . So a lot of owners out their take responsibility for your animal as well and have consideration for your neighbours


Fireworks in South Africa. Believe me fireworks have not been banned in SA and if they have then the banning force have turned a blind eye to it. My husband and I spent the New Years Eve in Pietermaritzburg (on the edge of town)with friends and the fireworks started round about 6.30pm - our friends had given their 3 beautiful dogs calming tabs we had picked up from the vet in the morning, and we were warned that by midnight and beyond we would think we were in Beirut - this proved to be correct - we have never experienced anything quit like it, and I could not settled as I was so distressed for all the animals and birds out there, they must have been terrified beyond belief. Apart from being dangerous, terrifying animals, it is a complete waste of money, money which could be given to Animal Sanctuaries, Orphanages and Old Age homes - let's push for a TOTAL BAN on fireworks!


I agree with all that has been said about the Fireworks issue. Can’t we send in a partition, sheets for signature could be held at the SPCA and all Vets, and the sent in to the Mayor or some such person who could present it to Government to become law. Just an idea! But if animal lovers don’t do something nothing will happen, and how can people with animals leave them locked outside when they know they are suffering, if they were in the house then so what, I’m sure arrangements can be made. That’s what I do.


Support this 1000%, completely ban them, what can we do to help, we need the vets on our side here to educate people how sensitive animals hearing is, we hear nothing compared to them, very anti fireworks & animal cruelty


I absolutely agree with the reader below on the fireworks front. On the 30th in the Milton Park area, I called the police about what I believed to be one property consistently using fireworks for many weeks. My dog was foaming at the mouth from barking voraciously at the bangs, racing up and down to seek the source of the threat and refused to eat as he does during these times.

The Milton Park Police sorted out the problem but said that it wasn't just the one property. They also said that no one was allowed to use fireworks without their prior permission and that of the users' neighbours.

Therefore, although fireworks aren't banned, we can refuse our neighbours permission to use them.

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