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Friday, January 27, 2012

Be aware

Be aware that a con team is moving around suburban neighbourhoods, taking advantage of residents sympathetic to the plight of a stranded pick-up driver purportedly ferrying a dead body from a rural area south of Harare to a northern town, such as Bindura. The driver - variously, 'Shepherd' or ' Tobias', claims to be trying to locate his boss, 'Ben Khumalo' (who he claims lives in your neighbourhood) to get money to buy fuel so he can continue the journey, but has found his boss is in Mutare playing golf (at Leopard Rock, in one version). The driver asks if you could ring his boss on your cellphone to relay his plight, he having no air-time and/or a non-working phone. Touched by the story of the dead body, you ring Khumalo on 0734 505 439/ 0772 435 847 and the end result is a request for a 'loan' for fuel - $50 or so - and a promise to repay the money the next morning. Months later, we are still waiting - and the dead body is apparently also still en route many months later, as Shepherd does the rounds of the neighbourhoods, soliciting help. ..........

Please be aware of a gang operating in Mount Pleasant!

Yesterday four men in a silver Jap import car with a woman driver approached an unlocked gate in Moorgate road with a delivery of a bottle of whisky. Three of them entered the property while the fourth kept the gardener distracted at the gate. The three approached the house from different directions and the maid working in the kitchen confronted the one wanting a signature from the "Boss" for the bottle. Fortunately she refused them entry and called mother and daughter who were also in the house.

Perhaps with the noise of a TV and the presence of at least three people these visitors decided to abort their plan. Very lucky for the homeowners, and a warning for people to keep their gates securely locked, the gardener was at fault in this case.

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  1. Great pictures, great story, great work in there, GREAT BLOG. Congratulations for all your job on this blog, with maximum respect, Robert from Ploiesti,Romania, Europe !!!