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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Breakins in Harare

Last night, Sunday, I witnessed a smash and grab around 7.30ish to a dark, possibly green Land Cruiser type vehicle. This happened in Mt Pleasant at the T-intersection of Alpes and Rolfe intersection. Just up the road from Groombridge Spar. I watched the perpetrator run and jump over the pre-packed bags of sand and into the marsh-land out of sight. I noticed he was wearing a blue gardeners jacket and pants suit.

Today I drove by the same intersection twice and there is someone sitting at the very same spot wearing the same blue gardeners uniform. Problem is most of Harare probably wears the same clothes. My friend who was with me at the time said she thought she saw a red top or something. The man sitting at the intersection is wearing a red cap. Maybe it is the same gentleman after all.

I noticed the tall wall of sand bags is a neat hideaway. Positioned perfectly so that they are out of sight until it is safe to creep up to the motorists.
Hopefully someone catches him, before he catches me.
Mon 1st Oct: We live in Mapperley Close, just off Drew Road (opposite Collins Avenue)
Our Borehole pump and all the Controls were stolen last night (full moon really helps them....)
We heard nothing and our dogs didn’t bark and at least they were not poisoned!
Also just to let others know Kingsmead, Wadham Lane and Staley Road in Ballantyne Park houses were hit a couple of weeks ago.  Strange things mainly from Kitchen.  Not aggressive just break ins.
On the 5th September ’12 my wife went to visit a family friend in Vainona. She arrived at around 12:25 hours. There was no ZESA in the area and the gate that was on auto mode would not open. The friend’s gardener had stepped out and my wife ended-up parking her vehicle in front of the gate. She had a brought with her a bunch of green spinach from our garden for her friend, which brought into the house. She made sure she locked the vehicle. My wife was nervous and came out at 12:50 to see if she could bring the vehicle inside as the gardener was now back. She was shocked to find the passenger door broken and personal effects with an estimated value of US$ 2500 all gone! When she arrived there some gardeners sitting outside but when asked they claimed not to have seen anything. She reported to the Borrowdale Police Station who came and assisted in questioning nearby persons. In the end the Police were unable to pursue a potential suspect after he switched of his cell. We have had to bear the painful loss.

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