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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


1.         Apparently it is a requirement that ALL single and double cabs – regardless of size of use, are required to have a sticker on the left hand side of the vehicle, stating the Gross Vehicle Mass and Net Vehicle Mass.  If not, drivers will be subject to a $15 fine. I was unaware of this law and was subsequently stopped and fined by the police, I hope that others can prevent this from happening to themselves. If anyone needs a vehicle stickers,  AM Bus & Truck at 90 Kelvin Road South in Graniteside supplies them.  The stickers are self peeling numbers ones, so suit any vehicles.  Not sure of the price, but they are at least half the cost of a fine and buys peace of mind too!
2.         Thieves last night (Wednesday night) came over our 10 foot wall flattening the razor wire and tried to steal the gate motor, they managed to break off most of the iron bars of the box that the gate motor is housed in, but failed to take the motor – not sure if someone disturbed them or they just “gave up” and then they opened the electric gate and walked out!  The only way they would have climbed over the wall was if they used a ladder as the wall is so high.  We are on Cambridge Drive in Greendale so residents on this road beware.  Our dogs stay inside at night and the house is not close to the gate as if it were the dogs would definitely have started barking.
3.         On Monday while I was sitting in a car (unlocked) parked outside Delports on Coventry Road my handbag was stolen from underneath my legs when a thief opened the driver door and lent over and snatched it. It happened so quickly and although I was aware of the vehicle parked just behind us I did not pay any more attention to them after seeing the car there. By the Grace of God and a very sweet samaritan I have got my hand bag back - with 90% of my things still in it - except for some cash and an old cell phone. I was not looking forward to having to start all paper work over again for my I D and am so relieved I now don't have to. I just want to warn all of you out there to be EXTRA CAREFUL with what is going on around you all the time. Try not carry too much cash on you and make photocopies of all important I D and drivers licence etc and keep that in your bag and not originals. Leave bank cards at home. I never thought this would happen to me and would hate for it to happen to one of you. I am extremely grateful that I was blessed to get my things back. PLEASE BE AWARE...P.S If you can, never sit in the car waiting for someone - rather go inside the shop with them

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