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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Help us find the cheetahs of Zimbabwe!

Help us find the cheetahs of Zimbabwe!

In January this year my husband and I started Cheetah Conservation Project Zimbabwe (CCPZ). Although the cheetahs in Zimbabwe form an important part of the largest cheetah population in Southern Africa, not much is known about this shy and elusive animal. Our first aim is therefore to conduct a survey in order to find out where cheetahs occur, how many there are and what conservation challenges they face.

I admit this doesn't sound like it has much to do with birds, but...
you might have come across a cheetah on one of your birding trips! If this is the case, you can help us by sending us your (historical) cheetah sightings and/or pictures.

Sightings give us an indication of cheetah occurrence so if you have seen this beautiful slender carnivore somewhere in Zimbabwe please let us know when and where, how many cheetahs you saw and whether or not they had cubs. Each cheetah has a unique coat pattern which enables us to identify individuals. If you managed to take a picture send it to us as well so we can add it to our National ID database.

You can send your (historical) sightings and/or pictures to or fill in the sighting form at

Esther van der Meer

Project director

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