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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More reports of Crime in Harare

Hi All, Herewith a few comments that came in today following the one I sent out earlier about a break-in in Pomona. If you would like to add to these please email Keara at who will add them to other comments made about recent emails like Cleaning up Harare and Excessive Drinking – see our web site / Forums for more information – Mike G
A couple of months ago, my dad who returned from Australia ,with the pride of having purchased a new home in Vainona,  was attacked (together with his wife) in the comfort of his lounge, by 5 men who came crashing through their glass sliding doors as early as 830pm. My dad was physically assaulted with fists as well as a blow to the head by one who carried a chopper,  my step mum dragged through the passage and tied up. Both were eventually tied up together in their main bedroom whilst the robbers got away with clothes, cell phones, jewellery and their vehicle. Apparently raiding the fridge as well on their way out.  Fortunately the vehicle was located the next day with the assistance of CID, abandoned in down town somewhere.

These are probably the same robbers terrorising the area. A second attempt was made again into the house, a week later ,fortunately the house was well alarmed at the time. Time is running out for this gang, as the residents of Vainona should be well aware of these breakins. In the event of an arrest of this nature please would you notify myself through this email address, so my dad may just be able to assist in their identification .
Most of these type of robberies are taking place between 1800 and 2000 hrs, this is when it is important to make sure all outside doors are locked but better still have outside alarms fitted and switched on before 1800 hrs.
So odd as we had someone ringing our bell asking us to come to the gate on Sunday around 11am he was very persistent but we just ignored him and strange enough just before that our electric fence went off! we are just of Borrowdale road where greystone park begins!

I just wanted to let readers know that we had an attempted break in twice on Sunday night in Pomona, off of Campbell road. I have also just heard of another house that was broken into last night in the same area, the people inside were tied up and robbed. They seem to hit the Pomona/Vainona area every so often for a few weeks at a time. So, just lock doors and be aware all.
Thanks, H

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