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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More general info from harare

AFRICAN WILDLIFE CONSERVATION FUND is looking for any information on WILD DOG sightings in the KARIBA, MAKUTI, CHIRUNDU, MANA,ZAMBEZI RIVER AREAS. ANY of the below information would be of great help. DATE - If no exact date, month or approximate month of the year from 2011 to date. SEEN WHERE - If unable to be exact, area Example: Makuti to Kariba road approx half way between Makuti and Kariba. HOW MANY -ADULTS OR ADULTS AND PUPS - PICTURES - If any that can be sent  by email Any other information you can advise
Cats: Yesterday I went to Friends Foundation to collect a stray dog, which I have taken on. I walked up the cat enclosure and looked at all the cats and the most lovely kittens, about forty,  all around two to three months,  in top condition and just longing for a home, it was so hard to walk away. Please have someone take a photograph of all these kittens climbing up the wire asking to be taken. Again many lovely cats, who have been dumped by their owners who would not take onwards. also wanting a home. On the other side lots of lovely dogs, again dumped by their old owners, looking for new homes. We humans are a miserable race to take on a cat or a dog, make it part of the family, then dump them when it suits. All animals at FF are well fed and groomed, but lets face they want a home.
Dumping Rubbish. Site 1 - We have noted that for a while and it has gotten worst in the last month that people have been dumping stuff along the Cleveland Game Fence. This is a disaster waiting to happen. There is really no reason for the residents to dump rubbish etc. there as we have collection once a week.
Site 2 - Unfortunately i can’t remember the road name. Travelling along Harare drive just past the Cleveland Game farm, and the new Athlone Junior School that is going up. The road to the right (will try and get the correct name for you) travel along this road a lot of people have been dumping rubbish as well.
Site 3 - Trinity square in Athlone. THE Place HAS A NO DUMPING SIGN but people are still dumping rubbish here & this is just a waste of council designated picnic area
The Standard, Sunday October 21, Pg S8
*Harare City Council announces that Robert Mugabe Road was converted into one-way street with effect from Sunday October 21.
Chinhoyi Street and Leopold Takawira Street will be converted into one-way street couplet with effect from December 1.
The direction of traffic flow in Robert Mugabe Road will be easterly from Rotten Row to Julius Nyerere Way.
The direction of traffic flow in Chinhoyi Street will be southerly from Samora Machel Avenue to Charter Road.
The direction of traffic flow in Leopold Takawira will be northerly from Charter Road to Samora Machel Avenue
I would just like to let you know that I live in Kambanji and on Saturday morning, early hours of the morning I presume, my dog was poisoned and subsequently died.  What an awful death and I hope the culprits suffer in the same way
Please could you do a  story on storm drains and their importance in our daily lives. Many people are not aware of this importance and use them as dustbins or a place where they can  burn their garden refuse. Storm drains are for water and water only .  The city council should be on this also.
The making of a wonderful compost heaps in the back garden that will enhance the gardens, and so make our suburb look  respectable and our homes will not lose value. This request has been bought to my attention via my neighbour as she is getting very annoyed with  all the rubbish (drinks cans, garden refuse,  bags of broken glass, packets, etc) on her verge that she has to clean up each day.
I, for one (ex-policewoman) am real glad the police are clamping down, the driving here in Zim. is the worst, why is it when someone is breaking the law (by speaking on a cell phone), not wearing a seat belt, not stopping at a stop street, speeding, that they blame the police for 'clamping down again'.  Get with it Zimbabwean's what were the force numbers on the policemen's shirts why was the passenger's door unlocked so as to allow the 'policemen' into the vehicle?  Did the person ask to see the Policemen's ID cards?  If the person felt he/she was being ripped-off, ask for a ticket, hopefully this was requested, if not, they only have themselves to blame, why not drive to your nearest police station with all the 'policemen' in your vehicle to clarify the cost of the offence.  If in doubt 'DRIVE TO YOUR NEAREST POLICE POST AND/OR POLICE STATION', before any money has been handed over.
Another thing is so annoying is that there are no markings on the humps on the road, Most of them are rubbed off, I am sure they can mark the humps again.
Also the potholes should be filled before the rains come or is it too late. Hope something is done soon.

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