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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It is with Deepest Regret that the Trust bids a sad farewell to Mr Bill Ellway, friend and trustee who always gave sound advice and showed great concern for the Trust … We salute you Bill !   

There have been a few ‘smash & grab’ incidences at the intersection of Churchill Ave/ Second Street at the robots … this is still a hot’ spot, as the perpetrators  can lose themselves in the vacant ground with all the long grass at the University as well as tunnel under the road that carries a stream  in that area. The Police are aware of this and have had surveillance set there to try to catch the thieves.  Please be very vigilant in this area and make sure that ALL valuables like handbags, brief cases etc are well out of view and not on the seat in FULL view. It is advised to put all into the boot of the car out of sight.  In most cases the bag will be tossed with all valuables removed … though documents have been retrieved  


The roads in and around Harare are full of potholes, so please drive safely and be aware of your surroundings.  Some roads have been ‘patched’ but with the road rage and racers this does not seem to hold for long.  Most roads need total resurfacing and this is an expensive exercise. The volume of vehicles on all our roads has increased and existing roads are taking strain …. They were not built for the increasing volume. There is a long Easter weekend coming up shortly, let’s keep safe and vigilant …. Do NOT drink and drive, keep carnage off our roads and highways. For those going away for a long earned break make sure your security of both homes and premises are in good working order. Check alarms, security lights, remotes and gate safety … it’s always better to be ahead of time, and have peace of mind whilst away.  Make sure all domestic pets are cared for in your absence lost pets are on the increase and this is very stressful for all concerned.


Enjoy your Easter break …….


   Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 


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