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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mozambique siruation

The situation is quiet, there has been no incident on the convoy that I have heard about. The last reported incident was end of January, 2014.

The Government and Renamo are in urgent talks even though there is still sporadic fighting around Gorongoza. They have agreed on a new composition for the Electoral Commission, they have agreed the countries which will send delagates to monitor the October upcoming elections and they have agreed on the integration of Renamo into the Government Machinery. At this stage they are still deliberating the disarming of Renamo.

The convoy is still operating between Muxungwe and Save. The south bound convoy from Muxungwe still leaves 0700 hrs. and 1300 hrs. and the north bound convoy from the Save still leaves 0900 hrs. and 1500 hrs.

The convoys are still the same, timekeeping is poor and patience is required. There have been lots of people travelling in both directions without incident.



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