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Monday, April 28, 2014


From: Tracey Hugill

Despite Dr Lisa Marabini’s warnings about the health implications of burning, especially in the wake of the Pomona fire - here we go again!  As soon as the rains subside, the burning starts again, causing harm to us all and our environment!


Every individual deserves to have knowledge of the health implications to themselves, their families and the damage to the environment - the information simply needs to reach them.  As Dr Marabini has already said, “we ALL need to become pro-active in this department. If everyone reading this stopped just once in their day (or week!) to politely explain that burning is not only extremely hazardous to health but also illegal, maybe we could start to create some awareness. If everyone wrote letters of complaint to their police station, or just talked to police officers at road blocks about the air pollution it may just help”.  How many of us will actually distribute this information, take a moment out of our busy days to protect ourselves and our families or take time to compost or recycle waste?


EMA have confirmed that “burning of any material which gives off any toxin is illegal”.  That means virtually everything!  EMA is trying to combat this problem with a team to deal with responses and fine enforcement, but please take into account that this team is stretched to the limit and also concentrates on industrial toxic pollution throughout the country. A huge task! Give people the opportunity to understand the health implications, give the benefit of knowledge and only then report those who persistently ignore the law, thereby preserving resources to concentrate on other important issues.  EMA is happy to receive any assistance from the public in educating and perhaps, together, we can provide the information and let conscience do the rest.  It’s up to each of us, it’s our air!


There is an operational hotline to report illegal dumping of waste and littering from vehicles which is 04 770339.  When reporting on littering from a vehicle the ZRP follow up with details of car owner addresses and a fine is issued, apparently within 2 days.  Report the vehicle registration number, time and area where the offence was spotted.  The fines are apparently $20 (illegal waste dumping), $50 (littering from a vehicle) and $250 (illegal dumping of industrial waste).

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