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Saturday, April 26, 2014


I was inspecting a property for rent a week ago and in so doing I discovered a lovely tombstone/concrete memorial block?? This is inscribed with the following details:

1583364 Sergeant

A.P. Gudger

Royal Air Force

12th May 1944

I googled it very briefly and it seems that this person was killed in active service in the 2nd world war.

I thought that I would write in to let you know this in the event that there are family members in Zimbabwe who are not aware of this. It is lying on it’s own in the back of the garden at the back of an unoccupied house in the Avenues. I can be contacted on should there be any possible family member or friend may be interested in this. It would be a shame if this destroyed.



Cheryl Latimer


Yip! I received an email from Owen Byrne who suggested that I get in touch with Mike Hartell. I did this and it was truly amazing. He took the service number that is inscribed on the stone and informed that he would call me back in an hour. Well, to my total amazement he called me back within 20 minutes and read out Sgt Gudger’s details. He apparently was a volunteer air service man and died in action. Mike is going to check the gravesite on Saturday to confirm that we are dealing with the same person. He will then clean and collect the stone and we will place it on Sgt Gudger’s grave. Mike claims that I possibly found the original headstone. It does look very old. What an amazing day!!! Tears and laughter all at the same time. Mike takes care of all the Pioneer blocks???

God bless



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