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Monday, April 28, 2014

Miracle Missions “Enabling the Disabled” party

Miracle Missions “Enabling the Disabled” party is happening on Wednesday 30th April at Gateway Primary School from 7:30am-1:30pm

It will be a wonderful morning for the children who attend

We are still in need of some items:

·         Plastic balls x 40

·         Large yoghurt containers  x 40

·         2lt icecream containers x 40

·         Newspapers x 100

·         Magic markers x 14

·         Large water containers x 4

·         Thick rolls of ribbon (create start / finish lines)

·         Balloons x 20 packets

·         Bananas

·         Bun or doughnut x 500

·         Staplers x 20 with staples


·         VOLUNTEERS


A big thank you to G’TEL for being the main sponsor of this event.  Dendairy for the chocolate milks.  Brands Africa for chocolates.  Innscor Distribution for drinks for Care Givers.   Probottlers (Pvt) Ltd for cascade drinks.   Payman Systems for a sound system. 

All the donations will make this party a memorable one for all who attend.


If you can assist in any way, please contact or phone 0774 136239    All items can be delivered to 127 Enterprise Road, Highlands.

Thanks in advance for your kindness and generosity as always   -  The Miracle Missions Team


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