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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some Travel News

I did the KweKwe Lupane route on Saturday. Quite passable river bed where the broken bridge is, however only in a four wheel drive. The river bed is very sandy and loose. Regards Trevor


We did the route last week, the bridge is still damaged but there is a road made now just above the bridge, but you need a 4x4 as the "road" goes through the river bed and there is a lot of river sand.


We did it in 2x4 and got stuck briefly, if we had been carrying any weight we would have been in trouble. Hope that helps. Kind regards Nikki


We travelled that road today. The bridge has not been repaired. We crossed the sandy river bed without a problem. You would have to have a 4 X 4.


I drove that road back in December . Not sure what it is like now . I did here a few weeks ago that one of the bridges had washed away. Personally I would not risk it again. My 4x4 has not been the same since...




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