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Monday, April 28, 2014

Pomona Dump

Alicia Dauth
I am a graduate student through an online correspondence program in Southern California and am currently working on a project regarding upgrades and a case study of the Pomona dump.


I am looking to find some answers to questions I have about the dump (I understand that it was an old quarry) and the surrounding area and hope you may be able to help me locate the person with this knowledge. 


1. Total area (acres, hectares) which the dump occupies; and

2. Depth and slope of the dump; and

3. Operation start date;and

4. Is there a gas or leachate collection monitoring system?; and

5. Allowable waste within dump; and

6. Are there currently any liners or any mitigation measures in place to control contamination or runoff?;and

7. Owner ship and operator of the dump.


If any one would be able to assist with this information or point me in the correct direction it would be much appreciated.


Kind regards,


Alicia Dauth 

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