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Monday, April 28, 2014

Bulawayo Spca

From: Fiona Burns

As you may know I have become the main fundraiser for our Bulawayo Spca.  Being a third world country dogs and cats are not treated as pets are in the first world.  We have a huge task ahead to get sterilization under control and reduce the breeding that is happening, hence homeless dogs which more often than not when admitted get put to sleep.  My dream this year is to fund a mobile clinic to get out to the outer suburbs and rural areas to treat, vaccinate and sterilize animals as well as educate people on how to look after them.  Please forward this to everyone you know who can help donate towards this it will make a huge difference to the animals here in Zimbabwe.

                                                                                                                        S P C A

Bulawayo Spca is in need of a Mobile Clinic – to reach out to the outer suburbs and rural areas and treat, vaccinate and sterilize dogs and cats.  Between January and March 2014, 320 dogs were admitted to the Kennels and 279 were put to sleep.  Only 18 were lucky enough to receive new homes.  In the same period 46 cats were admitted and 45 were put to sleep.  Only 5 cats got new homes in this period.  It is heartbreaking. 

If you go online under, click on the search key and look under Spca Mobile Clinic, you can use a credit card and donate to the SPCA Mobile Clinic.  If you do not have a credit card you can email me on for Zimbabwe bank details for the Spca account.

Every donation stands a chance to win a 10 day Safari for two people in Zimbabwe, very kindly donated by Wild Horizons, Imvelo Safaris, Nehimba Safaris and The Amalinda Collection as well as a night at Banff Lodge in Bulawayo.  This is an amazing prize to win.

Any money raised over the costs of funding the Mobile Clinic will be put to a Sterilization programme to try and get the over breeding, hence homeless dogs that more than likely get put to sleep, under control.

On behalf of the Spca, I thank you so very much for supporting this amazing charity and all their hard working staff in helping our animals of Bulawayo.

Fiona Burns


Here's hoping that you all had a good long weekend over Easter!

It's been very quiet down at the kennels over this period and not too much out of the usual has been happening..

We have had lots of sick animals coming in, and many surrendered when the owners are told they will have to pay for treatment. And we have many cases where the animal has been left to suffer for days (sometimes weeks!) before the owners decide to bring them to us, and they don't understand why we can't help the animal anymore as it's too far gone. Please make sure to bring your dog or cat to us soon if you think it's unwell.  

At the moment we have 5 ex SPCA dogs in the kennels - the owners either having left and surrendered them or dumped them and we have found them again. 

Re homing has been a little bit better this month - thanks so much to people who really care, you're wonderful! 

Sadly we are seeing more and more posters up in shops/shopping centres advertising puppies for sale. It's so awful that people don't care enough about animals to stop breeding because there are already too many homeless pets. And so we end up with our kennels filling up with the unwanted ones 😔 Please keep educating those around you - SPAY, NEUTER & ADOPT! 

Dumi has been capturing stray pigs and dogs in Nkayi, which has been quite a mission but we are getting on top of it. The owners of the stray animals will have to claim their animals within 10 days.

We are trying to set up a Mobile Clinic so that we can reach further afield and treat and sterilise more animals. If you, your company or your family & friends from around the world would like to donate to this fund please contact Fiona Burns on 0779544204. Just imagine how great it would be if we can get this set up!! 

Our borehole packed up on Sunday so we are having quite a horrid time trying to keep everywhere clean using the municipal water. Thankfully Shane has been sorting out our borehole and it should be working again soon! 

And out flat renovations have almost been completed and as soon as they are it will be up for rent which is really great..

Scruffs Dog Show is next month so it's all systems go to organise a great day for everyone.. (To book stalls contact Berry on 0773807188)

Bulawayo, once again we are appealing to you - we have a little Wish-list of the things we are in need of at the moment, and any donations are GREATLY appreciated!

Our Wish-list: 

🔹Disinfectant for cleaning the kennels 

🔹Blankets for winter

🔹Toys - desperately needed: stimulating toys for the dogs and cats

🔹Dog dishes (metal ones please - they break plastic ones playing with them!)

🔹Shade-cloth for the Cattery

🔹Cat trees/scratching posts/cat 'jungle gyms'

🔹Collars and leashes - second hand ones are perfectly useful to us

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates & wish-list. And thank you for your support.  

S.P.C.A. Contact numbers:

09 66578

09 66593

EMERGENCIES only - 0773807188 

S.P.C.A. Opening Times:

To accept strays/injured,etc we are open 24/7

Our Clinic times are:

Monday to Friday 9.30am - 1pm, and 2pm - 4pm

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 9.30am - 12pm

S.P.C.A. SHOP Opening Times:

Tuesday and Thursday, 9am -12pm & 1pm - 3.15pm

Wednesday and Friday, 9am - 12pm & 2pm - 4pm

Closed on the weekends, except the last Saturday of each month.

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