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Saturday, April 5, 2014

How things work

This week I have had two reminders that I am not alone and that there are amazing people who are willing to help.


The first was Heather Fraser’s house. MaryLu and I have struggled alone for ages trying to clear the house. We asked for help and it came flooding in. People came to lend their hands, others lent trucks and others gave us food and drink (including a delicious chocolate cake from ‘Granny’). We cannot thank you all enough. Sharon Hook from Miracle Missions organised a team to recycle the rubbish and have it collected. Kenny and Lucian from St Josephs worked  so hard on this. The various drivers who were on loan to us – Elliot and his brother and Congratulations were also amazing.   Wally and her helpers did such a wonderful job with clearing, cleaning and disbursing of books.  And a big and special thank you to Barbara Reid who has been a friend and helper to Heather for so long.  We managed to clear the whole house and put aside anything that might be worth selling. Not much of value but it will help towards the costs of heathers operation.


The second amazing experience was today when I saw a dog running to and fro across Harare Drive. I narrowly avoided it and the cars behind had to swerve. I felt so helpless. Purely on the off-chance I called VAWS. I can’t tell you how helpful and kind they were. They arrived within half an hour and 10 minutes later had controlled the situation.  They clucked and cooed over the poor dog and really cared about it and me.


Thank you helpers and thank you VAWS. It is people like you who make this world such a wonderful place.




Bev and MaryLu

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