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Friday, May 4, 2012


Crime in some areas of Harare seems to have been curbed somewhat ….. this is a positive sign. Is this due to the increased security of properties, presence of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Neighbourhood Watch in a lot of the areas? Hopefully this also means that more people have become involved in their neighbourhoods to curb this. Please support where you can as this helps spreads the load more and makes it easier for the committees, we all are striving for the same goal…. SAFETY & GOOD SECURITY. Every little effort/support helps to keep the wheels turning.

We are still receiving reports of conmen using quite a number of phrases, titles, and familiarity to the area requesting money, with the assurance of being re paid, it all sounds very convincing ….. DO NOT lend money to arbitrary people as it will be the last you will see of it.

Please take care at quiet, dark intersections. Tyres are being slashed at intersections or traffic lights, be very careful when pulling over to check. A case has been reported of the window being smashed and handbag, documents, and other valuables taken from the locked vehicle, with the thief getting away into a waiting vehicle further up the road and then speeding off before identification of number plates could be taken. In recent reports it seems you will have been followed for some time and the information passed on to the gang waiting for your approach. Be warned.

Day time break ins are still occurring, where the arbitrators have gained access by forcing the gate then proceeding into the house to remove valuables, money etc, and when questioned they have replied that the house was up for sale and they were viewing it …. Keep the gate locked at all times where possible. Gate motors, swimming pool pumps, borehole pumps are still in high demand. All staff should be briefed on what is going on so that they are aware of what to expect if you are not there and they have people asking to come in on false pretences.

In a few weeks the new term will begin, please take care when dropping off and picking up the children from school. Be vigilant of who is around …lets keep the children safe.

Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !


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